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A pneumatic gripper is a type of pneumatic actuator gripping solution that includes tooling jaws or fingers that grasp an object. Grippers are run on compressed air and have the ability to pick up, place, hold and release objects while an action is being executed.  DESTACO recently launched its latest pneumatic gripper, the 84N Sheet Metal Gripper.

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84N-1 Accelerate Lightweight Gripper
Ultra-lightweight robust sheet metal gripper designed for high speed press shop and robotic part handling applications. Accessories include an easy-to-use quick tip insert adjustment tool for optimum grip force during operation.
Self-locking cam grip at end stop position
Part present and double blank sensing Infrared part sensing for aluminum and other non-ferrous material
19 mm and 20 mm apple core plus 32 mm and 1.125 in. ball mount options
84A & 84L Modular CAM Style Grippers
Gripping, holding, placing, removing and transporting of metal sheets and other parts, mainly in jigs and handling systems.
roller and cam principle, self-locking at end stop position
add-on component and end position sensing available
fast opening and closing action
GR84 Enclosed Modular Mini-Clamp
The GR84 is a heavy-duty enclosed gripper with a high power-to-weight ratio. It is a highly versatile gripper that can be configured for many different applications.
Self-setting contact point option.
Adjustable-opening jaw.
Armor protection.
Can be flange or cylinder mounted. •
This modular gripper is offered with several jaw opening and point options and two cylinder sizes, 15 and 20 Series.
High clamping force and fast opening and closing action.
Flange or cylinder mount
Locking mechanism holds the part if air pressure is lost.
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