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Industrial Magnetics, Inc.


The Low Profile Transporter® LP magnetically transfers metal blanks, stampings and parts in automated station to station, press-to-press transfer and robotic pick and place systems. Typical applications include stamped parts, tailor welded blanks, body panels and refrigerator door panels.

  • Uses up to 95% less air than vacuum cups

  • Grasps odd shaped or perforated parts

  • Operates effectively in any orientation

  • Outlasts most vacuum cups

  • Positively holds parts - no dropping or shifting

  • Threads onto typical 3/8 NPT vacuum cup tooling

  • Operates on 25 to 60 psi shop air

  • Approximate weight 0.75 Lbs.

  • Durable design for long maintenance free operation

IMI Magnetics Transporter
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From the platform of its most successful product ever, IMI introduces a new product to the Transporter® Family, the Transporter® MagVac- a combination of magnetic and vacuum technology.

Like the Transporter® and Transporter® LP - magnetic tooling designed for lifting and holding ferrous steel in stamping, blanking, press-to-press transfer and related applications – the Transporter® MagVac is next-generation technology.

The difference is the incorporation of vacuum technology, which makes the Transporter MagVac the most universal End-Of-Arm-Tooling available. With part-holding values higher than traditional vacuum- and more efficient and accurate than vacuum or grippers- the Transporter® MagVac is the solution that eliminates tool-changeover and costly downtime.

The Transporter® MagVac will lift and hold all shapes and types of steel- from brass and aluminum to ferrous and stainless, perforated, oily or painted. The integrated and patented magnet/vacuum design is million-cycle tested for endurance. When in use on ferrous steel, it incorporates a Fail-Safe feature so that in the event of air loss, parts will not release.

  • No more replacing vacuum cups every week

  • No more parts slippage and die damage due to part misplacement

  • No more dropping parts when there is a loss of shop air

  • No more dropping parts because of excess mill oil or weld slag

  • No more tooling change and downtime when a new part shape is in the process stream

IMI Magnetics Transporter MagVac
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